salon design

With more than 25 years experience in the salon design and furniture field, you would think we have seen it all!

On the contrary, whilst the basics remain the same, this field is constantly evolving.

Although we do charge for our initial visit consultation and drawings (typical fee £650 plus VAT), this is returned when the full furniture order (£4500 minimum ex VAT) is placed with us.

some typical discussion topics

  • measurements
  • initial ideas
  • potential solutions
  • finance
  • profit
  • budget
  • durability
  • comfort
  • style
  • design trends
  • psychology
  • lighting
  • clients
  • local demographics
  • salon software
  • design evolution / development
  • longevity
  • future proof
  • work methods
  • relaxation
  • installation
  • water systems
  • professional environment

2d salon planning

Probably the most critical aspect. If this doesn't work 100% the compromise will irritate you, your staff and most importantly your clients.

We use the lastest architectural standard design system to speed up the design process and make it easier to establish the optimum design solution for your salon.

NO IT DOESN'T DO IT ALL FOR YOU, but this powerful design tool makes it much easier when working towards developing the best and most cost effective final salon design.

We employ standard working tolerances to ensure a comfortable working environment as well as legal compliance.

The 2d plans evolve to form the basis of the installation and shopfitting drawings.

Our manufacturers also supply us with manufacturing drawing detail. This added information cabn be especially handy when designing specific pieces for the salon.

3d salon visuals-3d model

We carry these out to scale based on the above drawings. The result can look as realistic as the final fit-out and a true representation. Though unfortunately it takes away some of the "magic" it replaces it with "surety" - you can see almost exactly what the end result will look like at the design stage.

3d design visual

It will show the final choice of colours, wall finishes, imagery etc - download the example above.

3d salon visuals can be especially handy if you have difficulty visualising from 2d drawings (most people struggle to some degree).

If you would like more information about our salon design services please get in touch.