Salon Furniture

An Important Decision

We believe the purchase of quality salon furniture is a considered and important decision.

It is important to get the requirement just right for you, your clients and your staff - not just the cheapest.

The ranges we offer have solutions for many problem areas as well as looking fantastic in your salon.

Styling Chairs

These are the real workhorse of the salon. And as such should be an area for a considered long term investment. With regular maintenance, they will last the life of the salon.

We offer wide choice of colours and textures to the durable fabric ranges. And many choices in even the best serving black.

We suggest always with hydraulic (not gas) pumped for height adjustment. And added client service.


salon furniture: Frisor

Styling Mirrors & Cutting Stations

The correctly chosen unit will enhance the style of the salon. It will even be able to light up the salon too (with LED lighting) and flatter your clients' complexion.

Rear storage is an option of many of the units.

It can aid in the product sales.

More importantly it will make your client (and your work) look their absolute best.

Backwashes & Basins

The right backwashes will relax your client. It should be a pleasant experience.

Our backwashes can elevate, massage and relax your client. Allowing you to seamlessly do the magic stuff.

High Quality Suppliers

We source only from major European manufacturers.

Our ongoing relationship with all of our suppliers means that we can negotiate highly competitive prices in line with the overall purchasing requirements.



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